Wednesday, November 13, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: River Hills restrictive zoning keeps out the riffraff

Reported in Upscale suburb River Hills' restrictive zoning violates growth planning and fair housing laws, lawsuit says.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/13/2019)

Source:  Wiscoline (arrow added)

It's all about money and class:

  • $189,000 - River Hills
  • $  55,759 - Wisconsin
  • $  57,652 - U.S.
% of population living in poverty:

And not about race and ethnicity.

Sources:  DataUSA (River Hills), U.S. Census QuickFacts (WI, US)

Related reading:
River Hills among most affluent U.S. communities.  (Milwaukee Business Journal, 9/16/2011)
It may come as no surprise to Milwaukee-area residents that the village of River Hills is the most affluent community in the state of Wisconsin. But how many people know that only 36 other communities in the United States are richer?

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