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Conservatives in bed together: The Bradley Foundation and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (the voter suppression edition)

The men are not named in the article cited below.

Source:  WILL

Lawsuit seeks to force Wisconsin election officials to remove people who may have moved from the voter rolls.  (Milwaukee Journal [snip]Sentinel, 11/13/2019)
Three suburban Milwaukee men backed by a conservative legal foundation sued state election officials Wednesday to try to force them to remove thousands of people from the voting rolls because they are suspected of having moved.  
But the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty contends state law requires the commission to remove people from the voter rolls much sooner. Three men it represents filed a lawsuit Wednesday asking an Ozaukee County judge to force the commission to remove people from the voter rolls if they did not respond to commission's letter last month.

According to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign database:
  • Timothy Zipnego has made 41 donation totalling $17,300 to GOP candidates.
  • David Opitz has made 59 donation totalling $8,098 to GOP candidates.
  • Frederick Luehrs III is not listed.

Original 10/17/2019 post starts here

(Recent grants:  Free Markets)

In this case, 'free market' is means no government regulation unless it serves to advance cartoon conservative principles.

According to SourceWatch...
Through 2016 the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty received $4,155,355 from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

 Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.  From its convoluted "Who We Are" statement.

The "Who We Are" statement also includes this nonsense.
We recognize that these ideals are neither Democratic nor Republican, but American.

Reported in Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty plans growth in face of Democratic administration. (Capital Times, 3/28/2019)

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Wisconsin Supreme Court agrees to take up suit targeting Gov. Tony Evers' budget vetoes.  (Capital Times, 10/16/2019)
The lawsuit, filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, asked justices to reconsider the state’s veto rules and nullify four budget vetoes taken by Gov. Tony Evers in early July.  [emphasis added]

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