Saturday, April 1, 2017

UPDATE: Weston Place residents feeling hemmed in on all sides

View from Sawyer Terrace, just west of Hilldale.  From left to right: Venture, Weston Place, Segoe Terrace.

All photos by Retiring Guy

View from across North Segoe Road.

View of site of proposed hotel, looking east toward Hilldale Shopping Center.

View of site of proposed hotel, looking west toward Weston Place.

“We think it is too close to us; the footprint of the building is still too big,” said Roger Fritz, a resident of Weston Place who spoke on behalf of the Weston Place Condominium Owners Association before the city’s Urban Design Commission on Wednesday. “That’s just too much, too close to a residential area.”

6/27/2016 update, "'Ghost Condo residents learn to live in harmony with a new Venture", starts here.
Or so we can only hope.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Original 9/29/2014 post, "There Goes the Neighborhood: "Ghost Condo" Residents Lose Fight Against 12-Story Apartment Building", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Weston Place condo owners not backing down.  (Capital Times, 3/5/2014)

Well, there's always the "Rear Window" option.
Critics say the proposed apartment at 198 units per acre is more than twice as dense as the 12-story, 121-unit Weston Place and far more dense than any other building in the Hill Farms area.

I still call it the "Ghost Condo" because for the first years of its existence, few windows were illuminated at night.  The occupancy rate at the end of 2013 was 70%.

Hilldale's latest "in-fill" project.

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