Monday, June 27, 2011

Milton Mayor and Gun-Rights Advocate Tom Chesmore: Only police should carry guns into city buildings

Locals working to hammer out details on new gun rules. (Janesville Gazette, 6/23/2011)

Excerpt:    The question is embodied in the person of Milton Mayor Tom Chesmore, a staunch gun-rights advocate who supports both open and concealed carry in public.

Despite those beliefs, Chesmore draws the line at the Shaw Municipal Building, which houses Milton City Hall, the school district central offices, city council chambers and the Milton Public Library.

Chesmore believes only police should carry guns into City Hall or any other city building. He said he assumes others on the city council would agree.

"When you're dealing with the safety of your city, your personal choices have to be put aside. Your decision's got to be based on the safety of the people in your community," Chesmore said.

Chesmore has watched the video over and over of the gunman who terrorized citizens last year at a Panama City, Fla. school board meeting. The footage terrifies him.

"It opens your eyes. Obviously, those people had their guardian angels with them that night. It's things like that you don't ever want to see happen," Chesmore said.

Chesmore said it should be up to local businesses owners whether they'd allow concealed carry in their businesses, although he believes allowing concealed guns inside taverns "would not be feasible.

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