Monday, December 13, 2010

What Happened to the Parade of Ereaders Shown at This Year's Consumer Electronics Show?

Que e-reader:  One of the casualties.

Link to December 11 CNET News post, "The e-readers of CES 2010: Where are they now?"

Excerpt: Quite the assortment, they looked pretty high tech when we ran this slideshow a year ago. But take a stroll today through these images and the impression you get may be a little different. This is a rogue cast of characters, a motley crew. A lucky few managed to survive and have fared well enough. Some limped their way into the marketplace but have never really made it out of the starting blocks. And several simply vanished into thin air, vaporized by the iPad and the price cuts to the Nook and Kindle.

It's a mostly sad tale. Have a look.

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