Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moving Fort Atkinson library a pain in many ways

Link to March 22 Daily Union online article.

Excerpt: Staff and volunteers at the Dwight Foster Public Library will testify to the fact that checking books in and out one at a time is much easier than moving them all at once.

During the past two weeks, the library workers certainly have been earning their paychecks as they prepare for the remodeling and expansion of the 94-year-old Fort Atkinson structure.

"We're all in pain ... or we are all pains; it's one of those two," said a tired, but smiling, Kelli Rowley. "I can't even tell what's hurting the most."

Nearly 90,000 items are being moved from the library at 102 East Milwaukee Ave. to a temporary library site at 790 W. Rockwell Ave. That's the former Digi-Star building at the corner of Janesville and West Rockwell avenues.

Only a week into it and the two-week move sorely is taking a toll on the workers' backs, arms, legs ... well, pretty much each and every muscle.

"At this point, Aleve is our best friend," quipped Mary Kay Grunow

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