Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dwight Foster Public Library: Micro-Donations Amount to Large Gift

Link to October 23 Daily Union online article, "Abendroth boosts library campaign".

Excerpt: I
n a down economy, it can be difficult for any business, no matter how charitable it is, to find the extra money for a substantial donation to a worthy cause.

The owners of Abendroth Water Conditioning, however, are piloting a plan that will provide more than $24,000 to the Dwight Foster Public Library expansion project through 25-cent micro-donations by Abendroth with the sale of bags of water softener salt.

Vince Kent, president of the Fort Atkinson water conditioning company, presented the library's "Foster Growth Capital Campaign" with a check for $2,081.25 on Wednesday, the first of 12 quarterly payments over a three-year period.

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