Sunday, February 18, 2024

Meet Roger Belknap, the most cretinous member of Michigan's Ottawa County Board

Photo creditRoger Belknap
Headline:  Fox 17 News, 2/16/2024
Commissioner Roger Belknap released a statement on his campaign blog about the controversy regarding a message on his laptop. 
It reads in part: 
"My issue wasn’t with the LGBTQ+ population as a whole, rather it was a protest of Reverend Jared Cramer and his blessing and sponsorship of an 'all-ages' drag show at the safe space of the Grand Haven Waterfront Stadium." 
It went on to say more about St. John Episcopal Church Grand Haven Reverend Jared Cramer. 
"If I had wanted to disrespect Rev. Cramer, I would’ve given him the nickname of 'Reverend Kink' and left a few bucks on the podium for his prayer. I understand he has attorney fees."

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