Tuesday, February 20, 2024

GET ME REWRITE: Former Ottawa County Board commissioner hopes to win seat back from far-right Ottawa Impact whackjob

Photo credits:  Ottawa County
Headline:  mlive, 2/19/2024
Kuyers once ran both a dairy farm and golf course, but has since sold the two operations. He has been chair of the county board in the past, as well as president of the Michigan Association of Counties. 
In a phone interview with MLive, Kuyers said he plans to campaign hard this year, knock on doors and raise more funds to support his campaign. 
“I won’t take it for granted as much as I did,” he said about the 2022 election. 
Kuyers said he’s particularly worried about recent events that might cause the county’s triple A bond rating to be downgraded, such as the potential for large legal settlements.

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