Thursday, February 22, 2024

GET ME REWRITE: With far-right Ottawa Impact wackos in control, litigation shit continues to hit the fan in Ottawa County, Michigan

Photo credits:  Ottawa County
Headline:  mlive, 2/21/2024
According to Hurwitz, Gibbs claims he was confronted by Moss on Monday, Feb. 12, and was “threatened with termination” if Gibbs didn’t voluntarily resign. Hurwitz said Moss’s alleged actions incriminated the county for violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act. Hurwitz claims Moss told Gibbs that “board members want you gone, especially after the letter Butzel sent.” 
The Butzel letter is referring to a letter Gibbs’ former attorney sent the board of commissioners in January, threatening legal action against the county if he is fired. 
Gibbs’ new attorney, Hurwitz, said Gibbs is not voluntarily offering his resignation, but that the offer is “a substantial discount from the damages, costs and attorney fees that arise from litigation.”

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