Saturday, February 17, 2024

CES 2024: Unitree H1 humanoid robot

Screenshot from video below

The Robot Report, 1/13/2024
The internet influencer darling of CES has to be the Unitree H1 humanoid, and the company was giving nearly continuous live demos of the H1 at its booth. 
Kudos to the Unitree marketing team for its now-infamous “kick the robot” videos that have been shared on social media over the past six months. In the videos, H1 appears to be a solid humanoid platform with respectable balance and agility. 
However, as a longtime robotics industry insider and experienced robotics applications engineer, I thought the Unitree H1 product demos at CES 2024 were cringe-worthy, as the Unitree demo team walked the H1 robot into crowds of “internet tech influencers” with their cameras ablaze..

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