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Day by day: What Trump said about the pandemic (April 16-30, 2020)

April 30, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  1,119,556 (+31,895), which is 3.5% of current total. 

April 30, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,316,340

ABC News, 4/30/2020

Warrning of a stolen election.  Early and often.

Trump already knows he's toast.

April 30, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 65,220 (+2,291), which is 11.3% of current total.

April 30, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 574,791



April 29, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  1,087,661 (+29,704), which is 3.4% of current total. 

April 29, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,257,610

The Guardian, 4/29/2020
The guidelines are set to expire tomorrow, and Trump signaled he was looking ahead to reopening the country, applauding governors who have started to allow some businesses to reopen with restrictions. “I am very much in favor of what they’re doing,” Trump said. “They’re getting it going.”

On April 29, 2020, the U.S. 7-day average of new Covid cases was 29,439.

Three month later, on July 25, the U.S. 7-day average of new Covid cases was 66,784, an increase of 125% since April 29.

On January 9, 2021, ten days before the end of Trump's presidency, the U.S. 7-day average of new Covid cases was 259,614, an increase of nearly 800% since April 29.

Heckuva job, Donnie!

April 29, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 63,229 (+2,472), which is 11% of current total.

April 29, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 573,951


On Trump's final full day in office as president, the U.S. reported 201,186 new Covid cases, compared to 27,582 new cases on April 28th, when he repeated his inane 'down to (close to) zero' comment.

April 28, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  1,057,957 (+26,583), which is 3.3% of current total. 

April 28, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,203,090

For context, here's what Trump said in February: "When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done." 
On Tuesday, Acosta invoked Trump's faulty prediction from February while asking for his reaction to the news that the United States officially surpassed 1 million confirmed cases. 
"It will go down to zero, ultimately," Trump responded. 

April 28, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 60,757 (+2,554), which is 10.6% of current total.

April 28, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 573,001


Trump serves up a Dagwood baloney sandwich at his latest press conference

April 27, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  1,031,375 (+22,507), which is 3.2% of current total. 

April 27, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,151,152

Less than 3 months later in Texas.

Texas Tribune, 7/14/2020

April 27, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 58,203 (+1,434), which is 10.2% of current total.

April 27, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 572,237


Taking stock of Trump's vainglory.

April 26, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  1,008,868 (+26,343), which is 3.1% of current total. 

April 26, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,103,720

New York Times, /4/26/2020

April 26, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 56,769 (+1,183), which is 9.9% of current total.

April 26, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 571,753


Dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster

April 25, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  982,525 (+35,040), which is 3% of current total. 

April 25, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,070,048

The Guardian, 4/25/2020
“What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately,” he wrote. “They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!”


April 25, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 55,586 (+2,119), which is 9.4% of current total.

April 25, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 571,471


April 24, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  947,495 (+36,388), which is 3% of current total. 

April 24, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,019,467

Headline from New York Times, 4/24/2020

What trump said highlighted in red.
“Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light,” Mr. Trump said. “And I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but we’re going to test it?” he added, turning to Mr. Bryan, who had returned to his seat. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, either through the skin or some other way.” 
Apparently reassured that the tests he was proposing would take place, Mr. Trump then theorized about the possible medical benefits of disinfectants in the fight against the virus. 
“And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute — one minute — and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning?” he asked. “Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.” 
Experts have long warned that ultraviolet lamps can harm humans if used improperly — when the exposure is outside the body, much less inside. The link between ultraviolet light and skin cancer is well established. Bleach and other disinfectants may kill microbes but they also can kill humans if swallowed or if fumes are too powerful. That is why bottles of bleach and other disinfectants carry sharp warnings of ingestion dangers.

April 24, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 53,467 (+31,924), which is 9.4% of current total.

April 24, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 570,746


Despite Trump's wishful thinking, July's 7-day average of new Covid cases in the U.S. was more than twice the April 23rd tally (28,680).

April 23, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  911.107 (+31,840), which is 2.9% of current total. 

April 23, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 31,951,438

Washington Post, 4/23/2020

Trump trots out one of his absurd Covid memes.

Trump reminded the audience that he guessed the virus could die when the weather gets warmer: “I once mentioned that maybe it does go with heat and light and people didn’t like that statement very much.” 
(At a rally in February Trump said: “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”)

April 23, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 51,453 (+2,422), which is 9% of current total.

April 23, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 569,875


(added orange arrow indicate April 22, 2020;
added red arrow points to "some little flare-ups" starting in October)

April 22, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  879,267 (+32,364), which is 2.8% of current total. 

April 22, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 31,885,049

"He was talking about the flu and corona coming together at the same time,” Trump said, “and corona could be just some little flare-ups that we’ll take care of.”  [emphasis added]

April 22, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 49,030 (+2,426), which is 8.6% of current total.

April 22, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 568,962


The U.S. exceeded 60,000 Covid death on April 28, 2020 -- one week after Trump made his inane prediction.


April 21, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  846,903 (+27,413), which is 2.7% of current total. 

April 21, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 31,821,943

Dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster

“Now we’re going toward 50 -- I’m hearing, or 60,000 people. One is too many. I always say it. One is too many, but we’re going toward 50 or 60,000 people. That’s at the lower -- as you know the lower (end of the projections) was supposed to be 100,000 people.”


April 21, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 46.604 (+2,759), which is 8.2% of current total.

April 21, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 568,161


New York Times (arrows added)

April 20, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  819,490 (+29,730), which is 2.6% of current total. 

April 20, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 31,761,200

CNN sums up Trump's early response to the pandemic.

Dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster

Even after three tumultuous years in which President Donald Trump has shredded the decorum of his office, his unwillingness to provide unifying leadership still has the power to shock. 
Trump's daily coronavirus task force press briefing has become the chief exhibit in this deficit of national stewardship and has largely shed any purpose in conveying useful information at a fraught moment — if that was ever the aim. 
Instead, the President spends his time perpetually trying to repair his own image by disguising his belated and faulty response to the emergency. 
It didn't have to be this way.

April 20, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 43,845 (+1,990), which is 7.7% of current total.

April 20, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 567,287


Meet the very responsible people of TrumpWorld -- gun-toting protesters at the Michigan State Capitol on April 30, 2020.

April 17, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  734,929 (+33,845), which is 2.3% of current total. 

April 17, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 32,361,300

CNN, 4/17/2020
“No, these are people expressing their views. I see the way they are and I see the way they’re working and they seem to be very responsible to me, but they’re been treated a little bit rough,” he said.


April 17, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 38,284 (+2,610), which is 6.8% of current total.

April 17, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 566,452


Dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster

April 16, 2020.   U.S. total Covid cases =  701,084 (+30,634), which is 2.2% of current total. 

April 16, 2021.  U.S. total Covid cases = 31,523,500

HeadlineBBC News, 4/16/2020 (highlight added)
Graphic:  New Yokr Times (arrows added)
"We'll be the comeback kids, all of us," the president said. "We want to get our country back."

April 16, 2020.   U.S. total Covid deaths = 35,674 (+2,257), which is 6.3% of current total.

April 16, 2021.  U.S. total Covid deaths = 565,778

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