Sunday, January 13, 2019

David Dilley: A dilly of a climate denier

Photo credit:  DeSmogBlog

David Dilley Predicts Global Cooling Now.  (Jennifer Marohasy, 8/26/2008)

Jennifer is another climate denier.

Dilley came to my attention via an 1/13/2019 op-ed in the Ocala (Florida) Star Banner


Let's see what's happened since Dilley shared his global cooling fantasy.

Source:  Climate Central

2009.  8th warmest year globally.
2010.  5th warmest year globally.
2013.  7th warmest year globally.
2014.  4th warmest year globally.
2015.  2nd warmest year globally.
2016.  Warmest year globally. 
2017.  3rd warmest year globally.

The New York Times, 8/9/2018

The Guardian, 11/28/2018

According to Merriam Webster, the first known use of 'dilly' occurred in 1935.

Other coinages from the same year include...
  1. bananas
  2. ding-a-ling
  3. doodle
  4. gagster
  5. riff
  6. smarty-pants
  7. tin ear
  8. tizzy
  9. wacky
  10. yips

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