Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Venn-ing of Scott Walker

 Venn (verb).  To become disoriented after losing an election you expected to win.

Exhibit A:  Apparently, Scott skipped the Introduction to Statistics lecture on Venn diagrams .

Exhibit B.  And the Introduction to Economics lecture on taxation.

First of all, a parent has every right to take the kid's 10 bucks.  In some households, everybody contributes just as a matter of survival.  Of course, this reality was never a concern of Walker during his 8 toxic years as Governor.

Secondly, a 5th grader can receive $10 from his grandma AND grandpa every week, and the IRS will say "that's none of our damn business".

Apparently, Scott Walker is not going away, so I offer this selection of brown paper bags in a variety of head and body sizes.

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