Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Disappearing U.S. city of the day: Benton Harbor, Michigan

Source:  Wikipedia

Benton Harbor's population peaked at 19,136 in 1960.  Its 2017 estimated population is 9,860 -- a drop of 48%.

Benton Harbor is located in Berrian County.  The county's population peaked at 171,276 in 1980.  Its 2017 estimated population is 154,259, a drop of 10%.  

The twin cities of Berrian County
Source:  Wikipedia

St. Joseph's population peaked at 11,755 in 1960.  Its 2017 estimated population is 8.363 -- a drop of  or 29%.

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We've been talking a lot about class, what it means, and how we define it. 
We took a trip to St. Joseph and Benton Harbor.  They’re called the Twin Cities, but they're different. 
In Benton Harbor forty-three percent of families live below the poverty line. 
In St. Joseph it’s six percent.

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