Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Out of (local) control: When it comes to anything resembling a train, Republicans just can't help themselves

GOP bill would block state money for Milwaukee streetcar.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/1/2015)

Brought to you by, among others, Jesse "Bathroom Bill" Kremer.  And I'm sure it's just what Kremer's constituents in the 59th Assembly district are screaming for.
Kremer said the measure would essentially be an expansion of a provision in the 2015-'17 state budget that created a transit safety oversight program. That provision was aimed at preventing a county containing a first-class city — that would only be Milwaukee — from incurring any expenses linked to the operation of a commuter rail system, unless the county would be fully reimbursed by the city.

Jesse Kremer is a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly on the strength of his winning 38.6% in the 2014 primary.  He was unopposed in the general election.

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