Friday, April 8, 2016

Ted Perry, GOP hypocrisy, voter ID, and anger

Of all the quotes you can find on honesty, one of the shortest and one of the best comes from, of all people, mobster John Gotti, who once said, "You only lie when you're afraid."

Congressman and former state senator Glenn Grothman was apparently void of any fear when he said on live television on election night that the controversial voter ID law would help Republicans in the fall.

Democrats pounced on that like a dog on an unguarded ham.  They claim, as does a former Republicans staffer when it happened.  They claim that the law was designed to keep less advataged Wisconsinites from voting.  

Governor Walker tweeted that the record turnout proved the law works just fine.

Actually, Governor, it means no such thing.  Record turnout just means that people were moved to vote -- there's a lot going on this year -- despite fewer chances to do so.  

When people wait hours to cast a ballot, it means they are passionate.  It doesn't mean they are approving of the process.  Who's to say lines like this didn't discourage more people of showing up.  Of course, there's no way of knowing that either.  It just shows that it's harder now to get a 5-pound ham into a 2-pound sack which used to be a lot bigger.  

Photo ID never bothered me as much as other changes such as doing away with a week or early voting and weekend voting.  Those moves seem more sinister than sensible.

My advice -- you want to avoid those long lines? -- act while you're angry.  Get yourself registered now if you're not.  Know that you can vote in November starting in late October and do not wait until the last minute. 

Fight back if you're angry because it's better to live like a lion for a day than a hundred years like a lamb.  That also John Gotti said.  

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