Thursday, February 11, 2016

Climate change, Evan Jenkins, and short-term (special-interest) thinking

December 2015 global weather in brief.  
This is the first time the global monthly departure from average has surpassed 1°C and is the largest margin by which an all-time monthly temperature record has been broken.

NOAA (Dec 2015)
NOAA (2015 summary)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/9/2016
By temporarily freezing the rule, the high court's 5-4 order signals that opponents have made a strong argument against the plan. A federal appeals court last month refused to put it on hold. GOP leaders and the manufacturing sector described the regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants as an unprecedented use of power by the White House.

As quoted in 2/9/2016 press release, Supreme Court Hold is a Victory for West Virginia. (2/10/2016)

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