Sunday, January 24, 2016

Elected with 38.6% of vote, Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) shows no interest in Scott Walker alleged jobs agenda

The 38.6%er sez 'meh'.

Jesse Kremer busy unapologetically authoring conservative bills.  (, 1/24/2016)
In bullet-point format.  Since taking office, Kremer has authored legislation that
  • banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy [AB237]
  • would place gender restrictions on school bathrooms and locker rooms [AB469], 
  • allow concealed carry permit-holders to carry weapons on public school grounds and college campuses, [AB480]
  • put photo IDs on food stamp recipients’ debit cards and [AB222]
  • prohibit city officials from blocking police officers from asking people about their immigration status. [AB450]
Not mentioned in the article:
  • AB648.   Seasonal placement of a Christmas tree in the rotunda 3of the state capitol building or in a church.
  • AB330.  Prohitibing DOT from installing overhead message boards, traffic cameras, or on-ramp gates on any highway.
  • AB59.  Waiting period for handguns.

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