Sunday, January 24, 2016

CES2016: Withings Thermo smart thermometer

The coolest new tech for parents this year: Best of CES 2016.  (coolmomtech, 1/21/2016)
If you’ve ever tried to take an accurate reading of a baby’s temperature in the middle of the night, you know it’s no easy task. The new Withings Thermo (yes, that Withings) is an amazing temporal thermometer that can get an accurate reading in just two seconds from a touch to the temple, thanks to 16 infrared sensors. Not only that, this smart thermometer connects to an app, providing you with a full log of readings for multiple profiles.

If my wife and I were 25 years younger, with a newborn and toddler completing our 4-person household, this item would likely be a purchase consideration, although the list price of $99.95 might be a deterrent. 

But it would definitely have a much higher priority than the Sensor Wake alarm clock, even with a bacon option.

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