Thursday, July 10, 2014

Uses for Beet Greens

One of the items on our annual Bastille Day party menu is a walnuts and beets salad.

"I always feel guilty throwing the greens into the compost," my wife confessed this morning as we drove  to Metcalfe's.  "Could you do some research for me on how we could use them?"

How can I say no?

Help is on the way.

7 things to do with beet greens.  (The Mindful Foodie, 10/12/2012)
  1. Use them in a curry with the beets   (Doesn't work.  The beets have already been claimed.)
  2. Add to a frittata instead of spinach.  (We stopped at Scott's Pastry Shoppe at the end of our walk this morning.  I still have half a Persian to finish.)
  3. Substitute for spinach in a spinach-and-feta pie.  (No time.)
  4. Juice 'em.  (We don't have a juicer.)  
  5. Put 'em in a salad.  (We already have a ton of kale.  Are beet green chips a possibility?)
  6. Add to a soup.  (We're not in a soup mood right now.)
  7. Saute them with garlic and herbs. 
Considering all there is to be done between now and late Saturday afternoon, we'll go with #7.

I see a simple lunch in my near future.

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Anonymous said...

I just wash them, pull some of the stem, and cook them like spinach (though 5-10 minutes longer). Sometimes I saute a little onions and garlic in olive oil, then throw the cleaned and wet beet greens in and steam them before sauteing. I really like them, but Kris looks askance (I let her get away with that since she introduced me to cooked beets, which my father referred to as "mule fodder.")