Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anna, a Model of Consistency Through the Years

Unlike her two other counterparts considered in this post, Anna enjoyed a period of extreme popularity for a long stretch of time -- 18 years at #2 (1880-1897), 41 years in the top 10 (1880-1920).  In addition, she has spent only 10 years out of the top 100 since 1880.  Her popularity experienced a recent resurgence, with a run of 12 years (1999-2010) in the top 30.

Ann and Anne followed similar trajectories from 1880 to the mid-1920s, at which point they followed close, parallel paths for another 30 years.  Since then, they've both shown a decline in popularity, Ann in particular.  She was poised to fall off the chart in 2011 but moved up 37 places in 2012.  Anne has made a similar rebound since 2010 -- 42 places.

As far as the Warren Area High School class of 1968, Ann(e) was much more likely to be used as a middle name.  
  • Anna Anderson
  • Gloria Ann Anderson
  • Rose Ann Armagost
  • Amelia Ann Baker
  • Nancy Ann Barney
  • Cheryl Ann Blum
  • Sherri Ann Bookwalter
  • Barbara Anne Culbertson
  • Sally Ann Davis
  • Monica Ann Falbriski
  • Rebecca Ann Ferguson
  • Rebecca Ann Gleason
  • Cynthia Ann Huber
  • June Ann Jackson
  • Denise Ann Johnson
  • Kathy Ann Klunder
  • Linda Ann Knepp
  • Ruth Anne Kohler
  • Jennifer Anne Kusse
  • Teresa Anne McCullough
  • Patricia Ann Moore
  • Nancy Ann Morse
  • Shirley Ann Niederer
  • Mary Ann Pappalardo
  • Ronalie Ann Parker
  • Christie Ann Peterson
  • Judith Ann Repine
  • Patti Ann Reuff
  • Heidi Ann Ruhlman
  • Ruth Anne Sampson
  • Deborah Ann Samuelson
  • Jodee Ann Scalise
  • Cathy Anne Seigle
  • Penelope Ann Shattuck
  • Rebecca Ann Sheckler
  • Catherine Ann Teconchuk
  • Phyllis Ann Valone
  • Margaret Ann Wright

Post inspired by Ann Sothern -- or, more specifically, the fact that my wife had the kitchen TV tuned to one of Sothern's Maisie movies earlier today.

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