Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rick, Dick & Rich -- But Above All, Richard

With a stretch of 108 years in the top 30, nearly half of them in the top 10, Richard is the king of this group.  Best years:  1930 through 1947, when he was lodged at #5.

A #1 song in 1947

Rick showed up on his own in 1940, sticking around for 61 years.  His best year:  #76 in 1958.

Dick was already on the scene in 1880 but disappeared from view after 1968.  He gave us his best in 1934, peaking at #138.

Rich has made a couple of in-and-out appearances through the years.  1880 to 1991, charting in 9 or those 12 years and getting as high as #697.   He periodically showed up again from 1947 to 1972, barely cracking the top 500 (#493) in 1963

Warren Area High School class of 1968
  • Richard (Rick) Brewster
  • Richard (Rick) Dies
  • Richard (Dick) Duckett
  • Richard (Rick) Huber
  • Richard (Rick) Nasman
  • Richard (Dick) Peck
  • Richard (Rick) Pedersen
  • Richard (Rick) Smith

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