Friday, December 16, 2011

$1,100,000 Bequest to Oshkosh Public Library

OPL once upon a time

Woman leaves $1.1 million to Oshkosh Public Library. (WLUK-TV, 12/16/2011)

Excerpt: An Oshkosh woman has made a $1.1 million bequest to the Oshkosh Public Library.

The Library Board voted Thursday to establish a memorial trust fund with the donation from the estate of Marjorie Drexler.

Drexler, who died in August 2010, worked at Oshkosh Truck Corp. for 38 years. She was also an avid reader throughout her life. Drexler made a habit of sharing books, mostly biographies and romances, along to friends after she read them.

“Mrs. Drexler was just an average citizen who obviously saw value in the work that is done at the public library,” said Victoria Vandenberg, assistant director at the Oshkosh Public Library in a release. “We are extremely grateful for her generosity.

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