Monday, August 29, 2011

HELP the Hercules Library, Voluntarily or Otherwise

Your Turn: People of Hercules must step up to help library. (Contra Costa Times, 7/22/2011)

Excerpt: Hercules Emergency Library Project; HELP, was formed to raise the money needed to retain the hours for our librarians and the programs they provide.   [City Council cut funding for 10 hours per week.]

We are a group of concerned community members who welcome more members to join us in helping our library. People can also help by giving a donation to our donation jug in the library.

In honor of our library's fifth anniversary, we are looking for 50 families to contribute $1,000 each. These donors will have their names engraved on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in the library

All donations gladly accepted, voluntary or otherwise.

Hercules councilman fined $500 for fabricating candidate statement. (Contra Costa Times, 8/29/2011)

Excerpt: Hercules Mayor Myrna de Vera noted at the Aug. 23 council meeting that neither the state Attorney General nor the Contra Costa County District Attorney appeared interested in pursuing the matter, and so the council stepped in and set a $500 fine, which Boulanger paid; de Vera said the money will go to the Hercules Emergency Library Project, a community effort to raise $50,000 to keep the library open 40 hours a week instead 35 through the end of the fiscal year. [Emphasis added.]

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