Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TDS to the Town of Berry: Drop Dead!

In so many words.

Wisconsin Internet speeds vary widely. Even some urban areas underserved. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 8/29/2011)

Excerpt:   The Town of Berry, about 20 miles from the state Capitol, is considering a wireless broadband network after it could not convince Madison-based TDS Telecommunications to provide high-speed Internet service.

Town officials filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission over the issue, saying state regulations obligated TDS to provide "reasonably adequate service and facilities," including broadband.

But a change in state law earlier this year dropped many regulations that applied to telephone companies.  
[Emphasis added.]

"Now it's like we don't even exist," said Town Chairman Anthony Varda.

TDS is the telephone service provider in Berry, a community of about 1,125 residents.

Dane County
Town of Berry is square R07E/T08N

The bill that Varda mentions was sponsored by Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee)

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