Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As I said earlier, full attention.

Message from John Pederson, WiscNet Educational Technology Liaison.

After intense and difficult negotiations that lasted much of the night last night, and contrary to what's now trickling into the media late yesterday into early this morning, WiscNet and the broadband grants appear to be back on the table for discussion today (Wednesday).

K12's and libraries have carried significant weight throughout this process with your voice. We need the pedal to the floor.

We'd appreciate it of you could call your legislators, legislative leaders, and Governor Walker and remain engaged with them throughout this budget bill process.

Here's what you should tell you legislators:
1) Thank them for their efforts to support the compromise that will allow WiscNet to continue for the next two years.
2)   Urge them to continue to support this compromise.

More specifically, let your legislators know about the serious consequences to their constituents associated with the removal of high quality, high capacity, cost effective broadband in Wisconsin.

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