Sunday, June 12, 2011

The WiscNet Debate from a Northeast Wisconsin Perspective

WiscNet measure sparks debate.  (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/11/2011)

ExcerptBob Bocher, technology consultant for the DPI and a member of the WiscNet board, noted the service started in 1990 and expanded through grants before private companies began to offer Internet access. The law against competition went into effect in about 2003, long after the establishment of WiscNet, he said. UW System attorneys say the operation is legal, partly because the self-sustaining WiscNet is providing access as it has for 20 years, and because the formation of smaller Community Area Networks, made up of users such as schools, municipal governments or hospitals, would allow local communities to take control.

It's unclear what will happen if the budget is approved with the broadband and other WiscNet language included, Bocher said.

WiscNet could move out of the university system, which would require additional staff and new places to store equipment, he said. And that would mean an additional cost and months of reorganization, he said.

The DPI estimates schools, libraries and other customers could end up paying two or three times as much for access if the change is approved by lawmakers, Bocher said.

Pulaski School District Superintendent Mel Lightner said Pulaski's costs could increase by about $60,000 a year.

He's worried rural school districts won't be able to afford broadband services at all if they work with private companies

Here's my nomination for the least enlightened comment.
National Public Radio and PBS use the same unfair government subsidized model. Those examples are also skewed toward liberals and make it virtually impossible for me to enjoy. I get queasy. Public monies, if used should be for the good of all citizens not just the pointy-headed elitist academic gang trying to indoctrinate our children with LIBERALISM garbage. Let the free market work.

Take off the training wheels and sink or swim

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