Sunday, June 5, 2011

The End of WiscNet As We Know It

From the University of Wisconsin System motion submitted by Senator Sheila Harsdorf and Rep. Pat Strachota.

University of Wisconsin System omnibus motion.

I'd like to think that Harsdorf sealed her recall doom with this ill-advised action.  Not to mention the rest of the Republicans.

According to a reliable source, if this language stands, it is doubtful that WiscNet will be able to provide Internet service to Wisconsin's K-12 schools and libraries. About 80% of school districts and 95% of libraries get their Internet access from WiscNet. Schools and libraries will be forced to get access from one of the commercial providers that the Wisconsin Department of Administration has under contract. As a result, their costs will increase by as much as 400%.

The Chief Operating Officer of UW's Department of Information Technology called it the "equivalent of sending us back to rotary telephones".

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