Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wentorf Photography Collection @ Two Rivers' Lester Public Library

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times, "Libraries reinvent themselves as they struggle to remain relevant in the digital age", notes that University and public libraries are rushing to push as much material as they can onto the Web...

Whoa!  Rushing?  I think we have a flag on the play.  Encroachment into the hyperbole zone.

In my view, the effort to provide digital content on the Web is planned and deliberate, not rushed and willy-nilly.   Latest case in point:  the Wentorf Photograph Collection found on the website of the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

This digital collection is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center and the Lester Public Library. It was funded through a Library Services and Technology Act grant.

Kudos to Jeff Dawson and his Library 2.0 Vision.  (Check out the library's Flickr page while you're at it.  You may even find Retiring Guy among the 3400+ views.)

What about this digital project?   A 'rush job'?  No, a work in progress.

And then there's the Nashville Flood Digital History Project.  Planned and deliberate.  (Note the project timeline.)

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Gerard said...

Dawson is on the ball. I've been hoping to use the resources of Wisconsin Heritage Online to put our local yearbooks online but have not been able to make the time.