Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet Scott Krug, Freshman Republican Legislator from Wisconsin's 72nd Assembly District

22nd in a series.

Krug beat Democratic incumbent Marlin Schneider, who was first elected to the State Assembly in 1970.  Schneider 'retires' as the longest serving member in the history of the Assembly.

Public libraries in the 72nd Assembly District, which includes portions of the South Central and Winnefox library systems.
Adams CountyAdams County Public Library, Lester Public Library of Rome.
Marquette County:  Westfield (Ethel Everhard Public Library)
Wood County:  Wisconsin Rapid (McMillan Memorial Public Library).


Anonymous said...

Why would Nelson support someone who is out to gut our schools and libraries? The president elect of the Wisconsin Library Association said he testified in Madison against Walker's assault on library funding--and by extension Scott Krug. I was told this at a Wisconsin Rapids meeting that Scott Krug scheduled and did not show up for.

Retiring Guy said...

Please explain. Where do you find the endorsement in this post? Take a look at the entire series.
It's simply a way for people to get to know the freshman class of 2011-13.