Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Ten List: Where the Bedbugs Are Most Likely to Bite

Link to August 24 New York magazine "Daily Intel" article, "Six Cities Worse Than New York in Terms of Bedbugs, Most Other Things".

Excerpt: The Daily Beast reached out to the pest-control company Orkin to find which American cities had the most bedbug treatments from January 2008 to July 2010, and New York ended up at No. 7, so maybe it's time to cool it on the citywide panic. Here's the full list:

#1. Cincinnati, Ohio

#2. Columbus, Ohio

#3. Chicago, Illinois

#4. Denver, Colorado

#5. Detroit, Michigan

#6. Washington, D.C.

#7. New York, New York

#8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#9. Dayton, Ohio

#10. Baltimore, Maryland

Another pest-extermination company begs to differ: Terminix ranks Phila. No. 2 behind NYC for infestation of the blood-sucking pests

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