Friday, August 11, 2017

Jeffrey Lord loves his alt-right 'sieg heil' dog whistle

Photo credit:  Twitter

Reported in Jeffrey Lord out at CNN after Nazi tweet.  (USA Today, 8/10/2017)

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Watch literally everyone on CNN own Jeffrey Lord over and over again for 20 minutes.  (New Republic, 6/7/2016).
Some of the best television of 2016 has been the discussions about race between Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord, alt-right Trump supporter, on CNN. 
Dabbing For Hitler: How The Alt-Right Turned An Innocent Meme Into “Sieg Heil”.  (Medium, 2/18/2017)
The dab has secretly been an “Alt Right Salute” since at least October 16th 2016 as noted below in a rare public Facebook post I found while searching for “Alt Right Dab”.

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