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UPDATE. Wisconsin Trade Center mixed-use development from a different perspective

Photo by Retiring Guy

11/4/2016 update, "Middleton Plan Commission learns its lesson:  No more monochrome facades", starts here.

Like the one they regretfully approved for the Cayuga Court development.

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/13/2016 update," Mixed-use development in Middleton's Greenway Centre takes shape", starts here.

Original 6/22/2016 post, "Wisconsin Trade Center in Middleton gives up some frontage to smaller mixed-use development", starts here.

The Wisconsin Trade Center, located in Middleton's Greenway Center, is a Kraemer Brothers property.  (As is the neighboring, blandly named Greenway Office Building)

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UPDATE. Dear Taylor County Wisconsin GOP voters, Feeling like chumps yet?

Original 12/2/2016 post, "70% of Taylor County Wisconsin voters chose Donald Trump", starts here.

Which makes it, percentage-wise, Trump #1 fan base in the Badger State
Source:  Politico

 In related news.

UPDATE. Are these the reasons that Donald Trump picked Arthur Puzder for Secretary of Labor?

In the news.
Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick: ‘I Like Beautiful Women Eating Burgers In Bikinis’.  (Huffington Post, 12/8/2016)
Trump's Pick for Secretary of Labor: 'Ugly' Women Don't Sell Burgers.  (Fortune, 12/9/2016)

Google images

Original 12/9/2016 post, "Meet Arthur Puzder, Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of Labor Automation", starts here.

And CEO of this loser brand.

Photo by Retiring Guy

His name is Arthur Puzder, and he approves this message -- although maybe not the part of moving kitchen staff into the front office.

Dresser Village Library holdings, 2011-2015

2011-2015 changes:
  • Books |  -2,126
  • Audio |       -14
  • Video |     +436
  • Periodicals | +11
  • Expenditures | +$1,393  (+19%)

Dresser Village Library

Source:  Village of Dresser

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William Nordin (1928-1947) Warren High School class of 1947

1947 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Nordin John A (Cletius) retd h13 Marrer
  • Nordin Wm O (Joy [sic] A) lab UR h55 McKinley av
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Nordin Cletius H Mrs retd h13 Marrer St
  • Nordin Wm & Joy; emp UR h4 Grunder Ct

The popularity of 'William' as a baby name is graphed here, which now makes it 'Joy' time.

'Joy' was a steady  performer throughout thet middle of the 20th century, but after peaking at #109 in 1974, she went into a slow, sometimes jagged decline.  During the past 5 years, though, she's made a modest comeback.

Other Class of '47 graduates:
Wilbur Nordin.  (11/16/2016)
Elwood Beckwith.  (10/28/2016)
Robert Huck.  (3/24/2016)
Lois Sigworth Conaway.  (3/23/2016)
Leroy Weaver.  (1/26/2016)
Betty Uplinger Hagberg.  (10/4/2015)
Betsi Conaway Preston Yerkes.  (6/15/2015)
Frank Shanshala.  (4/28/2015)
Joyce Mack Phelps.  (12/2/2014)
Henry Blick.  (8/29/2014)
Robert Songer.  (1/19/2014)

Friday, December 9, 2016

T-I-D-E scene: Washday convenience and the poisoning of our kids

Consumer Reports: Laundry detergent 'pods' too dangerous to recommend.  (USA Today, 7/16/2015)
In 2013, U.S. poison control centers logged 10,877 calls about children under age 6 who ingested, inhaled or got detergent from the packets on their skin; in 2014, they counted 11,714 such calls. With 6,036 calls in the first half of 2015, "the trend is only going up," DiClerico says. That's despite the fact that manufacturers have taken steps such as making outer packages opaque and harder to open. They also have participated in public education campaigns.

Political correctness aside, Donald Trump, TIME's whosie of the year is a man's world

Trump: Time changed award to 'Person of the Year' to be 'politically correct'.  (The Hill, 12/8/2016)
“They used to call it ‘Man of the Year,’ but they can’t do that anymore — they want to be politically correct. That’s OK," he said. 
The magazine had called the award the “Man of the Year” since it launched in 1927. It changed to “Person of the Year” in 1999.  [Which, I suspect, many Trump supporters consider fake news.]

The women of the year:
  1. Wallis Simpson (1936)
  2. Soong Mei-ling (1937; 2nd billed to her husband Chiang Kai-shek)
  3. Queen Elizabeth II (1952)
  4. Corazon C. Aquino (1986)
  5. Angela Merkel (2015)
I suppose we could also include the 1975 group pick -- American women -- but it seems so damn patronizing.

"It's a Man's Man's Man's World" debuted at #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending April 30, 1966.  It peaked at #8 for 2 weeks and spent 9 weeks on the chart.

Dear Melania, Your cause starts at home; we're waiting

Ars Technica, 11/6/2016
Wherein we find the following (italicized) quote

Photo credit:  Wikipedia

Melania, you have work to do.

'Go to the mirror, boy!'  I'd say someone needs to spend more time working and less time tweeting.  The Twitter message from the president-elect at 7:41 Wednesday night, and a second one urging Mr. Jones to “spend more time working — less time talking,” continued Mr. Trump’s pattern of digital assaults, most of them aimed at his political rivals, reporters, Hollywood celebrities or female accusers. On Tuesday morning, Mr. Trump used Twitter to assail Boeing for escalating costs on the development of a new Air Force One.

UPDATE. Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance at libraries

Reported at Libraries Report Surges in Hate Crimes and Xenophobic Vandalism.  (Law Street, 12/8/2016)

Evanston Public Library
University of New Mexico
Reed College

12/6/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate, intolerance, gullibility, and extreme stupidity", starts here.

Photo credit:  Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

11/28/2016 update, " Donald Trump sets the table for (intensified) hate and intolerance in alt-right world", starts here.

Photo credit:  Anti-Defamation League

Reported in What the alt-right actually wants from Donald Trump.  (Vox, 11/28/2016)

Related reading:
Through all of these ventures, Spencer has become a leader in white supremacist circles that envision a “new” right that will openly embrace “white racial consciousness.” Although Spencer began his career [at] The American Conservative, he has since rejected conservatism. He believes that conservatives can’t or won’t represent explicitly white interests.

11/27/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Silver Spring, Maryland", starts here.

Reported at A church was defaced with ‘Trump Nation, Whites Only.’ The community had a different message.  (Washington Post, 11/23/2016)

Source:  Wikipedia

Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Silver Spring

11/25/2016 update, " Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance on an airplane", starts here.

Quoted in Asshole Trump supporter yells at a plane full of ‘Hillary bitches’.  (Death and Taxes, 11/25/2016)

11/25/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Plattsburgh, New York", starts here.

Photo credit:  Facebook

Reported in Harassed, afraid, a North Country immigrant fights back with love.  (North County Public Radio, 11/24/2016)

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts

Source:  Wikipedia

Hillary Clinton received a pluraity of votes in Clinton County.  (Statewide, she beat trump 58.8% to 37.5%.)

Source:  CNN

11/23/2016 update, " Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Washington D.C. and across the U.S. (part 2)", starts here.

Photo credit:  National Policy Institute

Reported in Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trump’s Election With a Salute: ‘Heil Victory’.  (The New York Times, 11/21/2016)

2nd 11/20/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Washington D.C. and across the U.S", starts here.

Energized By Trump's Win, White Nationalists Gather To 'Change The World'.  (NPR, 11/20/2016)
Loyalists of the self-described white nationalist, alt-right movement from around the country gathered in D.C. Saturday afternoon, enthused by the election of Donald Trump and optimistic that their controversial, offensive views such as calling for a white, ethnocentric state were on the rise throughout the country.

Additional information on these 3 white nationalist loyalist is found at the "Extremists" webpages of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

First 11/20/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Iowa City", starts here.

Photo credit and source of question:  Denver Public Library

Reported in At Iowa High School, Election Results Kindle Tensions and Protests.  (The New York Times, 11/19/2016)

Second 11/18/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Oregon", starts here.

Reported in As Trump Rises, So Do Some Hands Waving Confederate Battle Flags. (The New York Times, 11/18/2016)

Silverton is located 12 miles northeast of Salem, the state capital.

Source:  Wikipedia

Earlier 11/19/2016 update, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Brooklyn", starts here.

Photo credit:  Death and Taxes

Swastikas, 'Go Trump!' slogan deface Adam Yauch Park playground in Brooklyn.  (New York Daily News, 11/18/2016)
Loyalists of the self-described white nationalist, alt-right movement from around the country gathered in D.C. Saturday afternoon, enthused by the election of Donald Trump and optimistic that their controversial, offensive views such as calling for a white, ethnocentric state were on the rise throughout the country.

Original 11/17/2016 post, "Donald Trump sets the table for hate and intolerance in Wisconsin", starts here.

(highlights added)

Madison area families are targets of hate mail.  (, 11/17/2016)
The letter also directly referenced the Ketarkus family, which includes eleven adopted children from the United States, Ghana and China. Becky Ketarkus could not be reached for comment. Via her Facebook page today, Ketarkus said that she does not plan to speak to the media any further and urged people who are upset about the letter to engage with Madison’s leaders of color and LGBTQ activists.

Still waiting for Trump to disavow this type of reprehensible behavior that's been occuring with disturbing regularity since November 9.

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Here's what passes for fun for the few hundred folks in 99% white Clay, West Virginia.  (11/15/2016)
UPDATE. Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appears to be promoting a fascism in America.  (11/14/2016)

This guy wanted to be Madison police chief

Two Madison officers disciplined for posting off-color remarks on social media.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/8/2016)

Comments made on petition this summer.  After a few beers?

Sean Duffy and his demographic bubble world

Madison is closer to U.S. demographic reality than Weston.

Professor: Sean Duffy’s Comment About 'Communist' Madison Was 'Simply Irresponsible'.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/8/2016)

Duffy Won't Apologize for 'Communist' Comment.  (WSAU, 12/8/2016)

Weston is located in Marathon County, which has the largest percentage of Hmong population outside of Milwaukee County.

Related reading:

To Be Both Midwestern and Hmong.  (The Atlantic, 6/3/2016)
Decades after they fought for the U.S. and took refuge in Wisconsin, immigrants and their children still struggle for acceptance.

Marathon County Leader Suspended For Participating In Hmong Rally.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/20/2016)
The Marathon County Board of Supervisors voted 30-5 to suspend Brad Karger was suspected 30 days without pay.  "I'm not being investigated for incompetence, not being investigated for any illegal conduct, not being investigated for any immoral behavior," Karger said. "What I am being investigated for, and apparently being suspended for, is taking a public position in support of justice for a 16-year-old Marathon County resident that I never met."

Perhaps Duffy should focus on his own district for a change, rather than mouthing off -- anything to get his name and face in the news -- as he gears up to challenge Tammy Baldwin in 2018.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Joe Walsh, snookered (A case of buyer's remorse)


Source:  Ballotpedia

No, not this Joe Walsh.  (Actually, it's "County Fair".)

So What, the follow-up to Walsh's best-selling The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get (1973), debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart for the week ending January 4, 1975.  It peaked at #11 and spent 22 weeks on the chart.

Lavonne Devore Saber (1937-2016) Warren High School class of 1955

Source:  Warren Times Observer

1954 Dragon yearbook
(Lavonne is at far right in 1st row)

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • [county section] Saber La Vonne B 1380 Jackson Run Rd
  • [county section] Saber Wm J 1380 Jackson Run Rd

The deceased was born when 'Lavonne' experienced her 4 best years:  1934-1937.

Other class of '55 members:
Martin Gage.  (12/5/2016)
Sally Jean Nelson Kittner.  (11/15/2016)
Lester Nero.  (9/8/2016)
Cleo Stack Yaegle.  (10/24/2015
Carl Stranburg.  (1/30/2015)