Friday, December 18, 2015

The words 'text', 'message', and 'transitory' do not appear in the August 28 minutes of the Wisconsin Public Records Board

State board to revisit policy that allowed text messages to be treated as 'transitory'.  (, 12/17/2015)
It started when the State Journal made a records request for text messages from Walker administration officials related to a failed $500,000 loan by the state’s jobs agency, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., to a struggling Milwaukee construction company owned by a top Walker donor.  

In August, the Public Records Board voted to change the state’s definition of transitory records. A day after that vote, Walker’s Department of Administration cited the revised policy in saying it had no records “responsive” to the request. It noted that texts are transitory records and thus aren’t retained. [emphases added]

8/25/2015 agenda (with 2 action items highlighted)

Wherein the following words do not appear.

And the word 'definition' appears in a summary of a different discussion.

There is no other choice but to revisit the issue.

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