Monday, April 6, 2015

David, if that were the case, you wouldn't have a job with Comcast

Comcast Recruits Its Beneficiaries to Lobby for Time Warner Deal. (The New York Times, 4/5/2015)
David L. Cohen, Comcast’s executive vice president who oversees the company’s sprawling lobbying and public relations program, said in an interview on Friday that he was proud of the job the company had done in campaigning for the deal, as well as documenting for regulators why it made sense.

He did not dispute that many of the voices supporting the deal received donations from Comcast. But he said he was offended by the suggestion that their endorsements had been made in return for the financial help.

Photo credit: Comcast 
Quote source: The New York Times 

As Open Secrets tells us....
The primary goal of much of the money that flows through U.S. politics is this: Influence.

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