Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trenton Library Officials to Mayor: "Show us the money"

Link to October 25 nj.com article, "Mack finds Trenton library’s demand for written funding promise ‘tiresome’."

Excerpt:   The city’s mayor and library officials butted heads yesterday over when, and if, the Trenton Free Public Library’s four branches would be reopened.

Criticizing what he called “tiresome back and forth conversations,” Mayor Tony Mack took a swipe at city library officials yesterday for failing to reopen the libraries after he said members of his administration confirmed the city’s ability to fund a partial reopening of the four branches.

“It is unacceptable and inconceivable that our administration engaged in tiresome back and forth conversations with Library officials which have yet to amount to keeping our libraries open,” Mack said in a news release yesterday.

“We adjusted our allocation per their request; we cannot continue to jeopardize our children or their future,” he continued.

Mack also called for the creation of a community-based library task force “who will identify best practices for operating and maintaining our libraries and day to day operations,” a move the board supported in a letter written to Mack weeks ago

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