Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trenton Public Library Board President Laments Closing of 4 Branches

And asks for the community's help

Link to August 6 guest column, "Trenton's public libraries needs the public's help".

Excerpt: It was during the 2008 budget crisis that the Friends of the Trenton Public Library was reactivated as an advocacy and fundraising organization dedicated to supporting the Trenton Public Library in its mission to serve Trenton's residents. We are still here working to make sure the library can continue its proud history and tradition of service into the future. But we need help. We are counting on current and former city residents whom the library has served over the years to contribute whatever and however they can. Cities, especially, need strong and dynamic libraries to provide the myriad services a diverse population requires, and an active Friends group is critical to maintaining a library's health and success.

We urge all supporters of the Trenton Public Library to visit the Friends' website in the coming weeks and months ( to find out how to make a donation or to volunteer their time and talent. We will be posting volunteer opportunities, including programs, projects and fundraisers in which supporters can become involved.

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