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San Diego County, California: Why the GOP believes that voter suppression is the only path to survival


 San Diego County went from a 27 percentage point GOP advantage in 1984 to a 4.4 percentage point Democratic advantage in 2020.  

3rd party votes:  27.3% in 1992, 10.3% in 1996, 7.1% in 2016
(Alabama segregationist George Wallace 
received 7.7% of the vote in 1968)

Trump received 122,328 more votes than he did in 2016, a 25% increase.   Biden received 229,174 more votes than Clinton in 2016, an increase of 31%.

Trump's share of the vote increased by 0.9 percentage points.  Biden increased Clinton's share of the vote by 3.9 percentage points.

Demographically speaking. 

US Census Bureau QuickFacts

% of population 25 and older with bachelor's degree:
  • 38.8% - San Diego County
  • 33.9% - California
  • 32.1% - U.S.
% of population 65 and older:
  • 14.5% - San Diego County
  • 14.8% - California
  • 16.5% - U.S.
% of population living in poverty:
  •  10.3% - San Diego County
  • 11.6% - California
  • 10.5% - U.S. (they're joking, of course)

The GOP dumbing down of America is not working in San Diego County.  

Across the political map this year, Mr. Sanders’s diagnosis of his former party appears indisputable: In off-year elections from Mr. Sanders’s California to New York City and New Jersey and the increasingly blue state of Virginia with its crucial suburbs of Washington, D.C., the Republican Party’s feeble appeal to the country’s big cities and dense suburbs is on vivid display. Where the G.O.P. once consistently mounted robust campaigns in many of these areas, the party is now all but locked out of all the major contests of 2021.

Where the GOP believes that voter suppression is the only path to survival
Denver metro area:

Colorado.  Adams County.  (3/25/2021)
Colorado.  Arapahoe County.  (3/25/2021)
Colorado.  Denver County.  (3/25/2021)
Colorado.  Douglas County.  (3/25/2021)
Colorado.  Jefferson County.  (3/25/2021)

Atlanta metro area:

Georgia.  Clayton County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia.  Cobb County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia.  DeKalb County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia.  Douglas County.  (3/27/2021)
Georgia.  Fayette County.  (3/27/2021)
Georgia.  Forsyth County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia.  Gwinnett County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia.  Henry County.  (3/26/2021)
Georgia   Rockdale County.  (3/26/2021)

Boise metro area:

Idaho.  Ada County.  (5/29/2021)

Chicago metro area:

Illinois.  DeKalb County.  (3/29/2021)
Illinois.  DuPage County.  (3/30/2021)
Illinois.  Kane County.  (3/30/2021)
Illinois.  Kendall County.  (3/30/2021) 
Illinois.  Lake County.  (3/29/2021)
Illinois.  McHenry County.  (3/29/2021)
Illinois.  Will County.  (3/30/2021)

Indianpolis metro area:

Indiana.  Hamilton County.  (3/23/2021)
Indiana.  Hancock County.  (3/23/2021)
Indiana.  Hendricks County.  (3/23/2021)
Indiana.  Johnson County.  (3/23/2021)
Indiana.  Marion County.  (3/24/2021)

Baltimore/Washington D.C. metro area
Maryland.  Anne Arundel County.  (4/21/2021)
Maryland.  Baltimore County.  (4/21/2021)
Maryland.  Howard County.  (4/21/2021)
Maryland.  Montgomery County.  (4/21/2020)
Maryland.  Prince George's County.  (4/21/2021)

Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area
Minnesota.  Anoka County.  (3/22/2021)
Minnesota.  Carver County.  (3/21/2021)
Minnesota.  Dakota County.  (3/22/2021)
Minnesota.  Washington County.  (3/22/2021)

Kansas City MO/KS metro area:

Missouri.  Clay County.  (4/22/2021)
Missouri.  Platte County.  (3/22/2021)
Kansas.  Johnson County.  (4/22/2021)

Charlotte metro area:

North Carolina.  Cabarrus County.  (4/23/2021)
North Carolina.  Mecklenburg County.  (4/23/2021)

Columbus metro area:
Ohio.  Delaware County.  (4/2/2021)
Ohio.  Franklin County.  (4/2/2021)

Portland metro area:

Oregon.  Clackamas County.  (5/4/2021)
Oregon.  Washington County.  (5/4/2021)
Oregon.  Yamhill County.  (5/4/2021)

Philadelphia metro area:

Pennsylvania.  Bucks County.  (5/31/2021)
Pennsylvania.  Chester County.  (5/31/2021)
Pennsylvania.  Delaware County.  (5/31/2021)
Pennsylvania.  Lehigh County.  (6/1/2021)
Pennsylvania.  Montgomery County.  (5/31/2021)

Austin metro area:

Texas.  Hays County.  (4/1/2021)
Texas.  Travis County.  (3/31/2021)
Texas.  Willliamson County.  (3/31/2021)

Dallas/Fort Worth metro area:
Texas.  Collin County.  (3/24/2021)
Texas.  Dallas County.  (3/24/2021)
Texas.  Denton County.  (3/24/2021)
Texas.  Ellis County.  (3/24/2021)
Texas.  Kaufman County.  (3/24/2021)
Texas.  Tarrant County.  (3/24/2021)

Houston metro area

Texas.  Fort Bend County.  (3/31/2021)
Texas.  Harris County.  (3/31/2021)

Washington DC metro area
Virginia.  Arlington County.  (3/28/2021)
Virginia.  Fairfax County.  (3/28/2021)
Virginia.  Loudoun County.  (3/28/2021)
Virginia.  Prince William County.  (3/28/2021)
Virginia.  Stafford County.  (3/28/2021)

Milwaukee metro area

Wisconisn.  Ozaukee County. (3/23/2021) 
Wisconsin.  Waukesha County.  (3/23/2021)

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