Tuesday, June 22, 2021

GET ME REWRITE: Tom Pierriello shames conservative Catholic bishops in New York Times op-ed


New York Times, 6/19/2021
When the bishops met on Friday, they could have voiced their support for today’s economic and racial justice movements. They could have backed congressional efforts to guarantee dignity for children, parents, the aging and the workers who care for them. Instead, these men who benefit from a lifetime guarantee of housing, health care and income voted to back a measure that could be an early step toward limiting communion for President Biden — a man of compassion, empathy and lived but quiet faith.

6/21/2021 update, "GET ME REWRITE:  No mercy, no compassion, nothing Christ-like in the frothing at the mouth of conservative Catholic bishops", starts here.

They're BAAAACK!!!

New York Times, 6/20/2021
That 73 percent represents emerging conservative momentum, at odds with Pope Francis’ broader range of priorities on issues like immigration, poverty and climate change, not only among bishops but in parishes across the country. Although the church has a hierarchical structure, bishops have significant autonomy in their own dioceses. Among the conservative movement’s leaders: Bishop Rhoades, who chairs the bishops’ committee on doctrine.

 They're banging on the abortion drum all day.

Original 6/20/2021 post, "Gee, Retiring Guy wonders why", starts here.

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