Sunday, April 12, 2020

Worldometer tracks the coronavirus (new edition)

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Phase two: Italy considers how to move on after coronavirus peak.  (Al Jazeera, 4/8/2020)
The government has yet to announce any dates or official measures relating to the second phase, but discussions have so far focused on reopening some factories and businesses where workers can maintain social distancing. 
Easing some restrictions on citizens' movement is also being considered. 
"We are working on hypotheses for politicians to take into account," Roberto Bernabei, who is part of the scientific-technical committee advising the government, told Al Jazeera. "Options that are credible and, as far as possible, supported by scientific analysis."

WHO Says Coronavirus Outbreak in Europe May Be Approaching Peak.  (Bloomberg, 3/30/2020)
The grain of salt:  'fervent hope'.  Mike Ryan, head of health emergencies at the WHO, said Monday that’s “our fervent hope” Italy and Spain are approaching a peak, and that European lockdowns which started several weeks ago will start to bear fruit. New cases now reflect exposure to the disease about two weeks earlier, he said. 
“In the same way when we’re told that we’re looking at galaxies through a telescope that we’re seeing life from a billion years ago, we’re seeing a reality that existed before,” Ryan said on Monday, urging countries to step up efforts to find and isolate patients. “It won’t go down by itself. We need countries to focus on what is the strategy.”

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