Friday, January 3, 2020

CES2020: FutureLight files the Waydoo Flyer under 'bizarre'

7 bizarre gadgets to expect at January's CES 2020.  (FutureLight, 12/30/2019)
Why go to a gym when you can go ‘e-foiling’? Built on the concept of an foilboard/hydrofoil – kind of half surfboard, half electric propulsion jet ski with a propeller below the water – the Waydoo Flyer (US$6,495/UK£4,964/AUS$9,456) has a wireless Bluetooth hand-held controller for steering and toggling between five different speeds (up to 28mph maximum). With a slip-resistant, textured carbon fibre build, it’s got a 6,000W battery and keeps going for 75 minutes on one full battery charge. [emphasis added]

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