Saturday, January 4, 2020

GET ME REWRITE: Looks like the FIRST (Foxconn Institute for Research in Science and Technology) will be last

If it ever happens!

Reported in More signs emerge that the pace of Foxconn's Wisconsin project is falling short of expectations.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/3/2020)

Collaborative research?  Stellar results?  UW-Madison and Foxconn?  Make your own Venn diagram.

11/6/2018 update, "Foxconn/UW-Madison agreement locks out engineering faculty, graduate students", starts here.

Foxconn’s $100M deal with the University of Wisconsin has students worried.  (The Verge, 11/5/2018)

10/192018 UW-Madison fealty UPDATE. "University GOP mouthpiece and former Tommy Thompson staffer kisses the Foxconn ring", starts here.

Photo credit:  UW-Madison

'It's a big deal': UW-Madison students, staff react to Foxconn recruiting on campus.  (Channel3000, 10/18/2018)

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UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker.  (10/8/2017)

Which places Becky Blank in this position (2).

9/15/2018 update, "UW-Madison, letting its hair down:  Bought and paid for by Foxconn (part 2)",. starts here.

Reported in Foxconn-University of Wisconsin-Madison partnership will be managed behind closed doors.  (Milwaukee Journal Sesntinel, 9/13/2018)

Original 9/14/2018 post starts here.

Reported in 'Cost sharing' of researchers between UW-Madison and Foxconn is a possibility.  (, 9/13/2018)

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UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker.  (10/8/2017)

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