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Where the Richest Americans Live: Paradise Valley, Arizona, is #20

These Are the Wealthiest Towns in the U.S.  (Bloomberg, 2/13/2019)

Racial/ethnic mix of residents

1.  Atherton, California

Located 30 miles southeast of San Francisco

Source:  Wikipedia

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2. Scarsdale, New York

Located 28 miles north of New York City

Source:  Wikipedia

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Living in Scarsdale, New York:  Houses Even Bigger, Scores Way Above Average.  (The New York Times, 5/18/2008)
This is 11 yeara ago, mind you.  The median sales price of a single-family home is $1.34 million, more than double the county median of $622,500, according to the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service.
History of Scarsdale

3.  Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Located 9 miles south of downtown Denver.

Source:  Wikipedia

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Swastika Acres, a Cherry Hills Village subdivision, may finally change its name after 111 years.  (Denver Post, 1/18/2019)
The house sits on a quiet, tree-lined street, where million-dollar homes are tastefully set back with trimmed hedges and winding, stone pathways. 
What Richardson didn’t know when he signed on the dotted line: His house is one of about 50 in this Denver suburb that still, to this day, goes by a rather unique subdivision name. 
Swastika Acres. 
To be clear, there are no signs saying “Welcome to Swastika Acres” in Cherry Hills Village. You won’t find it on Google Maps. 
But the name still exists on the deeds of several dozen homeowners, a remaining vestige of an old Denver land company from the early 1900s that predated Nazi Germany.
Colorado’s Cherry Hills Village No. 1 suburb, report says.  (Denver Post, 9/27/2012)
Clearly, diversity is not part of the analysis.  Denver suburb Cherry Hills Village is No. 1 nationally in a Coldwell Banker ranking of the top places for suburbanites. 
The real estate giant partnered with Onboard Informatics to study more than 11,000 suburban areas. Communities were analyzed on such attributes as safety, amenities, quality of schools and commuting times. 
Cherry Hills Village received the maximum 1,000 points.

4.  Los Gatos, California

Located 51 miles southeast of San Francisco and 11 miles southwest of San Jose


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If you are looking to buy a home in or near downtown Los Gatos, but your budget is less than $1 million, you might consider something in the Pueblo de Los Gatos condos community. It is one of the more affordable housing options anywhere in town, yet enjoys the highly prized Los Gatos Union School District and a very convenient location.

5.  Hillsborough, California

Located 19 miles south of San Francisco
Source: Wikipedia

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California drought: Wealthy Hillsborough residents sue, saying water rates are too high.  (San Jose Mercury News, 11/30/2016)
The lawsuit, however, is raising eyebrows and some concerns in Hillsborough, one of America’s richest addresses — a community of 11,000 people in the San Mateo County hills where the median home value is $4.3 million and property owners over the years have included William Randolph Hearst, Bing Crosby and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

6. Short Hills, New Jersey

Short Hills (2010 population 13,165) is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) located within Millburn Township, in Essex County, New Jersey, United States. It is located 21 miles west of New York City.

Source:  Wikipedia

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The public schools are a particular source of pride. The Millburn Township School District has five elementary schools, a middle school and Millburn High School, which was judged in 2008 and 2010 to be the No. 1 public high school in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine. A high percentage of Millburn graduates are accepted to top colleges and universities, according to the state Department of Education.

7.  Highland Park, Texas

An independent municipality (town) located within the Dallas city limits. 

Source:  Wikipedia

Back in the day, the Lakeside Drive corner was home to legendary Dallas banker H.R. Bum Bright. His grand Spanish-style house with an arched porch in front and red tile roof was built in 1916 and was one of the grandest mansions facing the park. 
The Perot family bought the 8,000-square-foot house in 2006 for a reported $12 million and later knocked it down to make way for new construction. 
But, after sitting on the land for years, the Perots sold the lot in 2013 to Dallas businessman and doctor Richard Toussaint.

8.  Darien, Connecticut

Located 44 miles northeast of New York City

Source:  Wikipedia

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Living in ....Darien, Conn.  (The New York Times, 12/5/2018)
Like many young families who have found their way to this well-heeled town of about 22,000, the Peschkos were drawn to the school system, which consistently ranks among the highest in the state. Others are attracted to the town’s natural beauty, its easy access to New York City, and its active social, arts and sports cultures.

9.  Bronxville, New York

Located just north of the Bronx and 15 miles from midtown Manhattan.

Source:  Wikipedia

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Traditions change, ever here.  (The New York Times, 3/3/2013)
When she learned about its top-rated public school, her decision was made: “I knew right away I had to raise my children here, whatever the cost.” 
Almost fully developed by 1940, Bronxville, a square-mile chunk of the town of Eastchester 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan, looks now much the way it did 75 years ago, with some of its still-grand residences dating to the late 1800s.

10.  Glencoe, Illinois

Located on Lake Michigan 24 miles north of the Chicago Loop.

Source:  Wikipedia

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Located 14 miles northeast of Cincinnati

Source:  Wikipedia

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The Village of Indian Hill is the center of Ohio's soccer world.  (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/10/2018)

12.  Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Old Greenwich (population 6,611) is a  neighborhood/census-designated place located within the Town of Greenwich.  It is  40 miles northeast of New York City.  

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Living In.  Old Greenwich, Conn.A Front-Porch Kind of Place.  (The New York Times, 8/20/2014)
A census-designated place with its own ZIP code, Old Greenwich occupies the southeastern edge of the town of Greenwich, bordering Stamford and extending into Long Island Sound. A summer beach resort in the 19th century, it takes in a large peninsula that tapers into a spit prized townwide as a public recreation area. Officially, the 147-acre site is called Greenwich Point Park; unofficially, it is known as Tod’s Point, after a banker who once had an estate there. 
Connecticut’s Old Greenwich: A Neighborhood For ‘Quieter’ Money.  (Mansion Global, 9/15/2018)
A census-designated place with its own ZIP code, Old Greenwich occupies the southeastern edge of the town of Greenwich, bordering Stamford and extending into Long Island Sound. A summer beach resort in the 19th century, it takes in a large peninsula that tapers into a spit prized townwide as a public recreation area. Officially, the 147-acre site is called Greenwich Point Park; unofficially, it is known as Tod’s Point, after a banker who once had an estate there. Established in 1640 when the founding families bought the land from Native Americans for 25 coats, it gets its name from the fact that it is, indeed, Greenwich’s oldest neighborhood.

13.  Winnetka, Illinois

Source:  Wikipedia

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In Chicago Suburb:  Living Up to Its Notices; Winnetka, Ill.  (The New York Times, 4/26/2981)
Nestled comfortably among the mansions of this community, where success stories are wrapped up in neat packages of $250,000* homes, half a mile from Lake Michigan where white sails billow against Chicago's winds, is New Trier East High School, whose image is a shining reflection of Chicago's North Shore,  (Remember, that's 1981.  Current median home value in Winnetka is $1,084,300.)
  'Home Alone' director: We chose Winnetka home because it was warm, menacing,  (Chicago Tribune, 11/6/2015)
"We knew we were going to shoot in the North Shore, so we were in the Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Lake Forest area, so we basically drove around for several weeks until we found the right house," Columbus said. "And then when we found the house, I took some pictures and sent them over to (producer) John (Hughes), and I remember John saying, 'This is perfect. This is exactly how I imagined the house.'"

14.  West University Place, Texas

Located 6 miles southwest of Houston

Source:  Wikipedia

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West University Place named best place to live.  (Houston Chronicle, 10/23/2018)
According to the list of "50 Best cities to Live" published by 24/7 Wall Street, West University Place is tops. Recommended Video 
The affordable if not affluent communities featured in the top 50 have low violent and property crime rates. Residents take an active interest in the quality of their community, and those who want a job have little difficulty finding one. A range of transportation options and easy access to entertainment and cultural attractions can also improve quality of life.

15. Larchmont, New York

Located in Westchester County, 18 miles north of midtown Manhattan.

Source:  Wikipedia

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Like many other residents with young children — the couple have a 2-year-old son — they sought out the 10538 ZIP code for two reasons: its well-regarded elementary schools, and its relatively short commute to Manhattan.

16. Great Falls, Virginia 

Located 19 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.

Source:  Wikipedia

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17.  University Park, Texas

Bordered on the north, east, and west by Dallas and on the south by #7 Highland Park.


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18.  Westport, Connecticut

Located 29 miles northesat of New York City

Source:  Wikipedia

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They discovered the idea, and even the word “beachy,” in an article that The New Yorker magazine published in 1996. The author, Barbara Probst Solomon, who grew up in Westport and wrote that she knew Fitzgerald’s novel “almost by heart,” asked, “Was ‘Gatsby’ entirely inspired by Long Island, as critics and scholars have always thought, or was it a blend of Fitzgerald’s first beachy summer in Westport and his time in Great Neck?” Fitzgerald lived in Great Neck from 1922 to 1924.

19.  Rumson, New Jersey

Located 50 miles soiuth of midtown Manhattan 


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Once considered a resort town for the elite New Yorkers who spent the summers there, Rumson, N.J., still has something of a reputation as a playground for the wealthy. But thanks to an easy commute to Manhattan, the pleasures of life in this waterfront Monmouth County community that the earlier seasonal visitors so enjoyed can now be experienced year-round.

20.  Paradise Valley, Arizona

Located 15 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix

Source:  Wikipedia

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