Sunday, March 3, 2019

Heidel House, in the red since 2009

Green Lake's Heidel House Resort to close in May.  (  3/3/2019)


Stacy Nemeth, chief operating officer of Fiore Companies, which owns the resort, told the Commonwealth Press that Heidel House has had continuous revenue losses over the past decade, which she attributed in part to other nearby tourist hot spots.  (Wisconsin Dells is specifically named.)


“Times have changed, particularly in the hospitality industry, and the resorts of yesteryear aren’t necessarily the resorts that are capturing the interest of a new generation of travelers,” Nemeth said.

The Heidel House was put up for sale in 2016.

When Fiore bought Heidel House in the '80s, the company retained a staff charged with managing the 190-room resort, equipped with a high-end spa and three restaurants, Nemeth said. But as Fiore has dropped hotels from its list of properties — and gained industrial buildings, for instance — the company stopped staffing hotel managers, and hired an outside contractor to manage Heidel House in 2014.

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