Wednesday, March 6, 2019

UPDATE: Keeping tabs on Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn, homophobe and religious bigot

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GET ME REWRITE UPDATE. Alliance Defending Religious Bigotry and Homophobia is in the news again.  (2/10/2019)

2/22/2019 update, " Nothing will cut through the enveloping tangle of noxious weeds that have ensnared the Scott Walker-endorsed Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn", starts here.

2/5/2019 update, " Scott Walker Supreme Court candidate defends his homophobia, attacks on women's reproductive rights", starts here.

Scott Walker Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn defends blog posts, says religious views under attack.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/4/2019)

Like his good buddy Scott Walker, Brian Hagedorn is swimming against the tide of public opinion.

Original 2/2/2019 post starts here.

I seriously hope he's not yours!

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Conservative Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn's blog posts called 'extreme'.  (, 2/1/2019)
He called the Supreme Court’s decision overturning anti-sodomy laws a travesty that “should render laws prohibiting bestiality unconstitutional.” Hagedorn also wrote about “why I hate Planned Parenthood” and called it a “wicked organization” that was more devoted “to killing babies than to helping women.” Hagedorn, an evangelical Christian, said he was praying and lobbying to stop abortion.

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Why Gableman is stepping down.  (Urban Milwaukee, 6/20/2017)
The announcement that Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman will not run for reelection in 2018 was good news for anyone who wants justices with integrity. Gableman is the most ethically challenged justice on the Supreme Court, and surely ranked among the worst in the court’s history. Indeed, his transgressions were so blatant that either of the two challengers running against him could have run some powerful attack ads.

The choice is clear.

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