Sunday, February 24, 2019

From the Madison Public Library clippings files: Nearly 50 years later, Monroe Street shops avoid a disaster

From the early 1970s.  (Note the reporter's name.)

Monroe Street timeline:
Monroe Street merchants trying to get ahead of 2018 street construction.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/13/2017)
Monroe St. businesses selling “survive and and thrive” kits for upcoming construction.  (WMTV, 2/7/2018)
Construction on Monroe Street expected to last most of 2018.  (Channel3000, 2/23/2018)
Monroe Street construction on track to finish in mid-November.  (WISC, 6/7/2018)
Side streets feel the pain of Monroe Street reconstruction.  (Channel3000, 6/25/2018)
Monroe Street merchants stay afloat through construction season.  (WMTV, 7/29/2018)
Part one of Monroe Street construction complete.  (Channel3000, 8/1/2018)
Despite months of construction, Monroe Street businesses doing better than expected.  (WKOW, 9/12/2018)
Monroe Street reconstruction negatively impacted local community.  (Badger Report, 11/8/2018)
Monroe Street reconstruction mid-November UPDATE.  (Retiring Guy's Digest, 11/20/2018)
Monroe Street businesses cheer end of construction.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/212018)
Despite shuttered businesses, officials say Monroe Street reconstruction went relatively well.  (Capital Times, 12/10/2018)

More from the Madison Public Library clippings file:
February 2019
Residents don't want Willy Street to lose its unique character (1994-2002).  (2/21/2019)
A time traveler from 1956 wouldn't recognize the place now.  (2/21/2019)
Remembering the hot-rodders of East Wash (1980-1999).  (2/19/2019)
UPDATE,  Eventually, we'll work our way back to the horse and buggy era.  (2/18/2019)
The Battle of Stonefield in Middleton (1986).  (2/18/2019)
An expressway like a dagger through the heart.  (2/7/2019)
Not to worry, folks, Wisconsin public television survived.  (2/5/2019)

January 2019
Downtown/University area urban renewal, 1971-1981 (1/28/2019)
Madison urban renewal, part 3, the Triangle, 1970-1979.  (1/27/2019)
Madison urban renewal, part 2, the Triangle, 1964-1969 . (1/27/2019)
Madison urban renewal, part 1, 1962-1964.  (1/27/2019) 
Downtown Madison parking ramps, 1956-1971.  (1/22/2019)

History of the Dane County airport.  (12/21/2018)

City's first skywalk opens in 1966.  (10/9/2017)
Typewriter art.  (10/9/2017)
Proudfit and Regent streets widening, 1955.  (9/30/2017)
Northport Connector project, 1960.  (9/30/2017)
Regent Street extension beyond Rosa Road, another bad idea left on the drawing board.  (5/27/2017) 
Drake Street extension, a bad idea left on the drawing board.  (5/26/2017)

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