Friday, March 1, 2019

'Twitter is the crystat meth of newsrooms" (Exhibit B)

But in the coolness of the press section of what was then known as the Tampa Bay Times Forum, I observed something I’d never seen in seven prior conventions. The seats were filled, but hardly anyone glanced at the stage or the delegates. My colleagues had their laptops opened to their TweetDecks. Side by side in the dim glow of their screens, they monitored each bon mot and burp of Twitter’s commentary on events. 
Now, obviously: old fogey alert. Apply your geezer filter as you see fit.

Exhibit B.

63-word intro.   Subject headings added to 19 tweets.  That's all he wrote!

Exhibit A.  February 22, 2019.  "Slow news day in the sports section of the Green Bay Press-Gazette."

Exhibit for your consideration

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