Sunday, January 27, 2019

Madison Public Library clippings files: Madiosn urban renewal (part 2, the Triangle, 1964-1969)

Undated aerial view of Greenbush neighborhood 

August 16, 1965

The shopping center never happened.  The site is now home to a UW Health Clinic.

August 25, 1965

November 11, 1965

May 2, 1966

The above rendering winds up in an office trash can.

August 8, 1966


Eventually, the weedy lot in the foreground became the site of another medical clinic.

August 18, 1966

Another design that didn't make it off the drawing board.  The Davis Duehr Eye Clinic now occupies the site on Regent Street between Mills and Brooks.

May 26, 1968

Other than the low-rise apartments along Regent Street, the Triangle property is vacant.

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