Sunday, February 21, 2016

Beyond CES 2016: Can the LG Rolling Bot locate a hairball hidden under the bed?

Revealed at the 2016 World Mobile Congress.

LG Rolling Bot first look: This little robot is more than just a toy.  (Wareable, 2/21/2016)
"Coming later this year."  Price not set.  Called a "companion device" by LG, the little guy rolls along the floor and is able to capture images and videos with an 8MP camera. The IP camera can sync up with Wi-Fi to let you remotely monitor your home when you're at work or vacation via a live streaming function that will let you see what's happening in real time from your phone.

Bottom line:   Based on the amount of time the demonstrator talks about how to "annoy the cat", I'd keep it in the toy category for now.

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